Google: Sometimes Black Hat SEO Works & You Don’t Get Caught But…

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Google’s John Mueller admitted on Twitter that black hat SEO and risky practices work and you don’t always get caught. But he added that you can get caught and “not getting caught doesn’t mean it works.” But he added building a business on these practices “seems like a terrible idea.”

Even worse, is to use these risky tactics for clients without communicating the risks to clients.

Here is the tweet:

Several years ago, I knew a lot more SEOs involved in the black hat space than I do now. It was super easy and even less risky in the early 2000s but today, it is much harder and way more risky.

So I wouldn’t recommend the advice that says, oh, my competitor is doing this black hat method and they rank well, I should do it too. It might one day catch up with them and their business might suffer in a big way. Build something that is stable and consistent that will last the length of Google time…

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